Mike Conigliaro

RHCE Exam Results

The results are in, and I got a perfect score!

Dear Michael T Conigliaro:

The results of your RHCE Certification Exam are reported below.  The
RHCE Certification Exam allows candidates to qualify for the
Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) and Red Hat Certified Technician
(RHCT) certificates.  Please note that the RHCE designation is
understood to both include and supersede the RHCT designation.

RHCE requirements: score of 70 or higher on RHCT components (100 points)
                   score of 70 or higher on RHCE components (100 points)

RHCT requirement:  score of 70 or higher on RHCT components (100 points)

RHCT components score:                             100.0
RHCE components score:                             100.0

RHCE Certification:                                PASS

Congratulations -- you are now certified as a Red Hat Certified
Engineer!  Your RHCE Certificate number is 805009592042441.
The attached file is your personal print-ready certificate.

You are entitled to print this document and use it to demonstrate
that you are an RHCE, provided you remain an RHCE in good standing.
You may not modify or change the document's contents in any way, nor 
may you appropriate any elements of this document for use in other 
electronic documents or printed materials.  You may only print the 
document in its entirety.  Any other use of the document must be
approved by Red Hat, Inc.

Your RHCE number should be available for verification at Red Hat 
Certification Central:


You can verify the certificates of other RHCEs and RHCTs at 


Please visit RHCE Connection, our web site exclusively for RHCEs:


There you will find special offers from Red Hat, logo art, forums, job
listings, and more.  You can also use the site to manage your contact
information.  In order to access the site, you will need a PIN number.
You can have the PIN sent to the email address we have on file at


If you wish to connect to the forums directly:


Certification in Red Hat Enterprise Linux opens up new opportunities. 
We hope you will keep Red Hat updated with your experiences and successes
with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Please feel free to contact us with ideas and suggestions as to ways
we can enhance our Red Hat Enterprise Linux training and certification 
programs at


Thank you very much for your interest in Red Hat Enterprise Linux!

Red Hat Certification Central
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