Mike Conigliaro

Managing Additional NICs after XenServer Installation

After Installing XenServer, any new NICs you add will not appear automatically. You need to run the following command from the XenServer console:

xe pif-scan host-uuid=<UUID of XenServer host> 

If this command results in interfaces with funny names, such as NIC__tmp1234567890, there’s a way to fix that too. First get the UUID of the interface in question:

xe pif-list device=__tmp<numbers>

Get the host UUID of the interface:

xe pif-param-get param-name=host-uuid uuid=<UUID of interface>

Get the MAC address of the interface:

xe pif-param-get param-name=MAC uuid=<UUID of interface>

Remove the interface:

xe pif-forget uuid=<UUID of interface>

Reintroduce the interface with a more appropriate name:

xe pif-introduce device=eth<n> host-uuid=<UUID of XenServer host>  mac=<MAC address of interface>

And that’s it! Note that this process may cause the vendor name, device name, and PCI Bus Path to disappear in the host’s NICs tab in XenCenter. I’m not sure why this happens, but it seems to fix itself eventually. Also note that this process will leave behind “orphan” networks with names like “Pool-wide network associated with __tmp1234567890.” These networks can be safely and easily deleted via XenCenter.

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