Mike Conigliaro


Michael Paul Thomas Conigliaro

Instead of a long, pretentious autobiography, I think it would be more fun to just list a bunch of random facts about myself:

  • My full name is Michael Paul Thomas Conigliaro
  • In real life, I’m just Mike.
  • I was born in Danbury, Connecticut on September 4th, 1979.
  • I currently live in Downtown Denver, Colorado, but I’ve lived in a lot of other places.
  • My primary professional interests are in the design and implementation of agile IT infrastructure (preferably in a Linux-centric environment). Most of what I do can probably be summed up by this new “DevOps” buzzword that’s been floating around lately.
  • I am RHCE #805009592042441. I also self-studied my way to a perfect score.
  • I’ve always had an interest in programming, but I tend to get bored when I do nothing but that for extended periods. Therefore, I tend to think of programming as just another (but very important) tool in my sysadmin toolbox.
  • Growing up, I was actually discouraged from studying computer science because “the math is hard” and I’ll “never make it” through college. Then in my senior year of high school, I used my savings to buy my first computer and eventually proved everyone wrong.
  • I think I do a lot of things simply to prove people wrong, but I’m not sure what that says about me. ;-)
  • I’m a perfectionist, sometimes to my own detriment.
  • I am more practical than theoretical.
  • I am (generally) more deliberate than spontaneous.
  • I’ve been an avid skateboarder and snowboarder since 1991.
  • So far, I’ve had one concussion, one broken arm, one separated shoulder, several stitches and too many sprains to keep track of, but no major surgeries yet! ;-)
  • I like music with weird time signatures and unpredictable stops/starts. Most of the stuff I listen to can probably be categorized as “math rock,” “mathcore,” “metalcore,” “djent,” or jazz. Ironically, I was never a great math student.
  • I’ve been teaching myself how to play drums since about 1997, and I’ve played in several bands over the years (most notably Bloarzeyd), but I’m still not sure if I’m a real drummer yet.
  • My neuron sleeve tattoo (by Luca Natalini) was featured in a tattoo magazine once. It was done in several sessions totaling approximately thirty hours over the course of about a year.
  • I’ve been a pretty strict vegetarian since about 1995. I don’t know (or particularly care) if there’s a technical term for my particular “variety” of vegetarianism, but I try to stay away from products derived from dead animals. This means I’ll drink milk and eat cheese, but you probably won’t catch me wearing fur or leather. And no, I won’t care if you eat meat in front of me.
  • Tony Conigliaro is supposedly a distant relative of mine. I couldn’t care less about baseball (or team sports in general), but this fact seems to be a big deal to people who remember Tony.
  • Sometime in 2004, I decided it was ridiculous that I had never learned to drive anything with a manual transmission. Since I was looking for a new car anyway, I put a down payment on a slightly-used 2004 Honda Civic Si (a sportier version of the Civic that has no option for an automatic transmission), then I went home and Googled phrases like “how to drive stick.” When it was time to pick up my car, I waited in the lot until I thought nobody was looking and taught myself to drive it on the way home. As they say on the Internets, everything went better than expected.
  • After the first time I saw a Lotus in person, I decided that I had to own one someday. But now that I live in Colorado, I’ve been thinking that a Subaru STI would make a lot more sense. Unfortunately, even though I could pretty easily afford one these days, I still can’t convince myself to spend that kind of money on a car. Can you help convince me?
  • I’ve traveled quite a bit inside the United States, but not much outside it. I hope to change that though.
  • I owe the majority of my travels to touring in bands and searching for new places to ride my skateboard.
  • I’ve had “blogs” on various domains since before the term existed. I published my first web page in 1996.

Where in the world is Mike?